Question about cell membranes and oocyte development

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      First questions is about cell membrane and what it consits off.

      The questions are
      A. Is made of cellulose
      B. Consists of lipid bilayer and proteins
      C. Consists of glycolipids and protein bilayer
      D. is permeable to water
      E. may contain pores

      Answers are.
      1. A and B are valid.
      2. C and D are valid.
      3. C and E are valid.
      4. D and E are valid.
      5. C and D and E are valid.
      6. Only C is valid.

      I know it does not consist of cellulose. That removes answer A and option 1.

      I know that cell membrain contain pores, it’s where the transmembrane proteins are. So option E is valid.

      Is permeable to water? Yes, the cell membrane has a hydrofilic head with two hydrophobic heads. Also diffusion through osmosis. So water can go through, kinda. That makes D valid.

      Now where the tricky part is. I know the cell membrane contains a lipid bilayer and proteins, that makes B valid.

      But if B, D and E are valid I must make something wrong or is the test wrong? Because there is no such coice! Closest choice is C,D,E but that is wrong, yes the membrane consits of glycolipids but no protein bilayer.

      Have I misunderstood this question or is the test wrong?

      Question 2.

      Oocyte development includes:
      A. degeneration of follicle
      B. arrest in meiotic prophase
      C. stage of primordial follicle
      D. arrest in meiotic metaphase II
      E. stage of secondary follicle

      Answers are:

      1 A, B are valid
      2 A, B, C, D are valid
      3 B, D are valid
      4 C, D are valid
      5 B, C, D, E are valid
      6 all answers are valid

      I have read about the oozyte development in the ovum, and something about release of follicle, but I have no idea how to answer this question!

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      Question 1: The right answer is D and E. B alone is OK but is not, as alone, in the possible answers. So the test is not wrong.

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