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      My profesor started introducing us to ecology before the break and he assigned us a question to do over the weekend:

      If humans were extracted completely from Central Park ( locate in NYC), the wolf population ( assuming that wolves exist there) would die. Why is this?

      – IN your detailed answer, you must include “biome” and ” pyramid of biomass”.

      Since he did not assign any reading and i don’t recall much about ecology, i was hoping that someone could help me get started with the answer and then i can elaborate more ( I read the book, astill can find a clear answer for this question).

      Thank you very much in advance.

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      I’ve not seen or learned much about this specific example with wolves, but my imput to you would be this.

      I’ve read about wild animals depending too much on humans. Wolves may be getting more habituated to people now than when they were hunted and trapped. ANd i’ve read somewhere that wolves are moving into areas of increased human densities. So if wolves moved into say new york, they may end up relying on human food, like digging in trash cans for food. Then when humans die, their food source is gone.

      This is kinda random, but related. When I was a kid, I used to go to the pond and feed the ducks bread. When I grew up, I learned that that is bad because the ducks will learn to reply on humans feeding them and not learn to eat on their own.

      Hope this helps you out in any way:)

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