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      I’m not really sure where this goes… but here goes.

      I was thinking of doing one of the variations of the Bioinformatics – The Perfect Marriage of Computer Science & Medicine ( … p008.shtml) project.

      quote :

      Variation 1: Environmental Factor – Gene Interaction:
      Identify how certain environmental factors may affect genes and their association to diseases by using Genetic Association Database ( NOTE: This database is open-access and allows any user to input data. Use caution while using the data and only select data that has been endorsed by ‘Gene Expert’ or ‘Disease Expert’.
      Click on ‘Environmental Factor Gene Interaction’ link on the left menu of the website. On the top of the page, click on the link to see a complete list of environmental factors.
      Choose an environmental factor of interest (for e.g., tobacco smoke) by clicking on it.
      You can see entries that describe gene association with specific diseases.
      Are you able to identify any SNPs in this category? Follow links to research more for each category

      So I was thinking, based on the variation above, that I would see if time skin was exposed to UV radiation would affect the SNPs (I’ve done the bioinformatics part of the SNP research). Would growing a keratinocyte culture and exposing it to UV light for certain amounts of time emulate this?


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