Questions about Biological Classifications

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      Hi all. I have a few questions about how biologists classify organisms as members of a specific species.

      1. Does an individual organism have a life span or a life cycle?
      2. If biologists determine that the end of that period for one mammalian species is death, is the same true of all mammalian species?
      3. Are classifications discrete rather than continuous (e.g., is a pup of a canine either a canine or not; is a sperm of a whale either a whale or not)?
      4. Is there unanimity in the biological community with regards to classifications (i.e., do biologists disagree about the when an organism’s life span/cycle begins or ends)?


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      Need for Biological Classification:-
      • to study and include each organism along with its identification & habitat.
      • To establish the relationship between different organisms & to know about their evolution.
      Objectives of Classification are quite similar to needs of biological classification. There are basically three types of Biological Classification which can be categorized as artificial, natural & phylogenetic.
      Classification is needed for a convenient study of living organisms.
      It is necessary for knowing the different varieties of organisms.
      It helps in the correct identification of various organisms.
      It helps to know the origin & evolution of organisms.
      It helps to determine the exact position of the organism in the classification.
      It helps to develop the phylogenetic relationship between different groups of organisms.

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