Recombinant DNA techniques

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      I wonder if there are new vectors for recombinant DNA techniques. I prefer a vector integrated with GFP.

      The below is some web source I bookmarked.

      The Recombinant DNA technique was engineered by Stanley Norman Cohen and Herbert Boyer in 1973. They published their findings in a 1974 paper entitled "Construction of Biologically Functional Bacterial Plasmids in vitro", which described a technique to isolate and amplify genes or DNA segments and insert them into another cell with precision, creating a transgenic bacterium. Recombinant DNA technology was made possible by the discovery of restriction endonucleases by Werner Arber, Daniel Nathans, and Hamilton Smith, for which they received the 1978 Nobel Prize in Medicine.

      A collection of recombinant DNA databases … t-dna.html

      A bacterial genetics and recombinant DNA quiz … b_DNA.html

      About Recombinant DNA … about.html

      Biological Safety: Recombinant DNA Research … px?tbID=fs

      Cloning: Dolly Company Used Woman’s DNA … 816791.stm

      Goat/Sheep Hybrid … 813466.stm

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