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      Hi guys I’ve just started uni, need a few book recommendations. I’m doing a Biochemistry module, genetics, living systems and chemistry for life scienctists.
      I don’t mind buying seperate books for each module, just don’t know which ones are good, can you help me.

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      A personal favourite is "Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry". Also for genetics "Genes" (not sure what edition we are up to) by Lewin helped me. Check with your lecturers first they should be able to recommend some and it saves you buying books that may become useless.

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      There are very popular books that everyone should study in their undergraduate level and if anyone missed them "as I did" 🙁
      He/She should fix it up and start to study them immediately "as I am trying to do". 😀

      here is a list :

      1-Stryer Biochemistry
      "a very popular book and is being studied world wide"

      2-Alberts Eseentail Cell Biology
      "a very popular book and is being studied world wide"

      3-Alberts Molecular Biology of the Cell
      "a very popular book and is being studied world wide"

      4-Genetics for Robert Weaver and Philip Hedreick
      "Also a very opoular book"

      and for organic chemistry I recommend the book written by William Brown and Christopher Foote.

      Last but not least if you would like a biology book for all the subjects you will stuyd I recommend this book

      Biology- Solomon,Berg and Martin

      You can know more about these books from amazon and also you can search them and you will find how helpful and how widely used are they.

      Salam from Egypt
      Hatem 8)

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      I’ll chip in, saying one thing above all: check whether what books your specific courses will require and get those. it will save you a lot of money. For example, for cell biology you might use either "Molecular Biology of the Cell" by Alberts et al. or "Molecular Cell Biology" by Lodish et al. Both of them are wonderful books and if you can buy them both ( I did). But firstly by the one you will be using – saves you money.
      Also, look into
      "Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry" – 5th edition is out
      "Biochemistry" by Stryer et al.
      "Molecular Biology of the Gene" Watson et. al(yes, the watson from watson and crick) – 6th edition is out
      For chem, you are probably best off with "Organic Chemistry" by Clayden et al. But here there are many many books, some very good.

      A quick note: if you buy the big alberts book (the latest edition has 1700 pages) you don’t need to get "Essential Cell Biology". there is no point.

      Also, for revising general biology concepts there is no doubt that "Biology" – Campbell&Reece 8th edition is the best.

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      Hi everybody
      This is another list of recommended books.

      1-Roitt’s Immunology
      2-Basic Immunology for Abul Abbas
      3-Cellular and Molecular Immunology for Abul Abbas

      1-Fundamental Neuroscience by Michael Zigmond
      2-Principles of neural science by Kandel
      3-From Neuron to Brain by Nichols, Martin, Wallace, Fuchs

      *Developmental Biology
      1-Gilbert SF Developmental biology

      They are all very important and extremely helpful books and being studied world wide.

      Salam from Egypt

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