Reduced GFP expression in apoptotic cells?

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      Dear all,

      I carried out an experiment to study apoptosis in cancer cells. In one of the prototype, I observed reduced GFP expression while the GFP expression in control remains the same before incubation for 24hrs. May I know if apoptosis will contribute cause reduction in GFP expression?

      I supposed so? Because a cell programmed to die will have their DNA chewed up..
      what about the mRNA (ie mRNA of GFP)? Will they be chewed up too?

      Lasly, do you all happen to know what’s the "life-span" of expressed GFP?

      Many thanks in advance!

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      I think that the gene expression should be reduced during apoptosis, so I would guess yes. But I’m not an expert in apoptosis 🙁

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      i see. thanks a lot. 🙂

      just not sure if my interpretations are right.

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