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      1st. I am NOT CRAZY. OK? At least this is what I think. Maybe a little. This is the first time when I resort to something Sick like this.

      This Saturday my adorable budgie died of diarrhea. The next day I brought him to doctor. He said to bury/ cremate him. I didn’t want that. So I freezed him in order to not rot. The last night I melt it. With hot water (damn, stupid like fuck I was, but it looks ok, I mean it was cold anyway), but it was like that 30 minutes in order to see what I can do (to think, reflect). (10 minutes was left in the globe without touching it, then 5 minutes to melt it, 15 to cry like a fuck)

      It started to smell a little, and blood was coming out of his nostrils (2 drops maximally), and I put it back. This make me think that the rotting process has started. (and some internal bleeding of course…:()

      He was released in oxygen only 18 hours after death. (17hr. 30min. before the doctor, other max. 30 min when I melt it). Now is in the freezer again.

      WHY DO I THINK THAT HIS REVIVING IS POSSIBLE (with really, really, really SMALL CHANCES…)?

      1st)A dead organism is dead because his heart, or brain, both (in his case) doesn’t function. But THEY’RE still WHOLE, not PUTREFACTED. So the tissues are Ok. Like his muscles, and WHOLE BODY. If his tissues are dust then there is nothing left to do. But his body is INTACT. (to some extents)

      2st) So, this is like starting the system. If the brain start functioning again (the heart too), then the main 2 causes that make him dead are GONE. So, he is ALIVE. Of course, the disease too is a problem, but now there can be done something about it too.

      3st) They are very few registred cases of revived people (even BRAIN DEAD), but the scientific community failed to develop a method to repeat this. (those cases happened accidentally, using electroconvulsive)

      It is exactly as Stephen Hawking stated: "I regard the human brain as a PC. When it’s components fails, then it doesn’t working. So, people makes fairy tails in order to avoid the dark true." (or something like that)

      Yes, he is right, ok? These are all fairy tails. But he forgot that if you repair the components of the PC, he will work AGAIN.

      Look here: … As7wNUeuMM:

      So this is my "fantastic" plan (I know it’s primitive, but what can I do more?):

      1. Defrost complete.
      2. Heating optimum temperature operation of such a body.
      3. Cover wounds.
      4. Hydration, nutrition and antibiotics.

      *1. Preparing for fostering a climate, environment suitable ignienic (blanket, food, water, etc. warmed to room temperature), anitibiotics, STANDING UP TO RECOVERY ASSISTANCE

      5. Apply shocks to the heart.
      6. Application shocks to the brain.

      7. Alternate.


      *2. All contretemps! Against the TIME. Time is the greatest enemy. Putrefaction process has already started! So, every STEP of this "PLAN" is well DETALIED, but I try to make it short.

      But in this plan are summarized things that I cannot understand. (look below in section "QUESTIONS")


      I. First SET
      1. What is the optimum temperature at which the parakeet’s/ budgie’s body should be brought?
      2. With which device can I measure the temperature of a corpse?
      3. How can I perfectly dry the corpse without being pressed by the accelerated rotting? (Without crush, break, decomposition etc.)
      4. How will I manage a dead parakeet enough water, food, antibiotics without penetrate the airways? (lungs)
      And above, how will they act if your body is unworkable?

      II. Second SET
      1. What device should I use to administer electric shocks?
      2. What intensity should have the electric shocks? (in order to not create any damage in him, in case IT REALLY WORKS through a MIRACLE)
      3. How do I know when I do not TOAST IT or IT REALLY WORKS?
      4. Using shocks should be first attributed to:

      a) heart
      b) brain
      c) BOTH OF THEM for a "Starting the Windows…"
      d) Alternate (one time heart, another time brain, repeat the circle etc.)

      If D, with what piece should I "get started"?

      10. In how long should the PROCEDURE BE COMPLETED in order to not be too late and rot?

      What are the chances that the intervention succeed?

      SUPPLIES (what I bought)

      – Grains (Vitamax – various assortments) – reccomended by doctor
      – water
      – blanket
      – Cream (tissue regeneration, tissue protection)
      – disinfectant
      – patches
      – antibiotics
      – Recovery room is ready (no stress, unnecessary noise, disturbance, strictly observe the hygiene on any plan)
      – table (the "surgery")

      He had a year. "God" bless him. Or is not the case? I know this topic may seem stupid for you, but not for me. Please try to answer the questions. This bird is really IMPORTANT to ME.

      Honestly, try to help me please, and to avoid stupid comments.

      I’M REALLY DEPRESSED BECAUSE OF HIS DEATH. He had 1h time to be brought to the doctor when was alive, but I was somehow too lazy. (my brother told me that he hadn’t found any cartoon, now it’s winter and they’re very sensitive to winter, that was my doctor recommendation, so I didn’t do anything). I postponed it. And I regret it much.

      For 1 hour I refuse to left that bird dead. She deserves more. Much more. She can more. It must be something done. I REFUSE TO LEFT IT THAT WAY.

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      Hahahaha, wtf, hillarious, good troll dude!

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