Removing Media from Fungal Culture

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      Good day! I really need some help regarding my project, I have several questions before I start the experiment.

      Do you have the correct procedure on how to immerse a polymer sample (LDPE film strip) into petri dish containing agar nutrient and fungi? Or is there a way to make LDPE film strip as the medium to culture fungi? Some say immersing the film into a spore solution with 0.05% dioctyl sodium sulphosuccinate would do, but how?

      After months of incubation of fungi with LDPE film in the petri dish, is it possible to recover the LDPE films from the petri dishes for tests (Electron Microscope, etc.) before the disposal of the petri dish? If it is, do you guys have the correct procedure on how recover this film from the culture? Of course I don’t want pathogenic microorganisms spread in the laboratory if the experiment not done correctly.

      After recovering the film, how do you guys clean it to remove unwanted microorganisms from the surface?

      I hope somebody help me regarding this. Thank you so much!

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