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      Hi all,

      Would i be able to have some assistance or guidance with this question?

      A population of one particular animal (species M) has survived in a particular habitat for many
      generations. A student concluded that other animal species living in the same habitat would be expected to show the same reproductive strategies as species M. Do you agree with this student or not? Explain your choice.

      I would think that the the different species would have different reproductive strategies, even though they live in the same habitat. Could it have something to do with oviparity and viviparity perhaps? Or maybe demersal/broadcast spawning? Though Im not quite sure ..

      Help would be greatly appreciated
      Cheers 😀

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      resource partitioning might come into play.

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      There’s not much connection between habitat and reproduction – just pick an ecosystem and look at the variety of strategies at a random selection of species there.

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      ok thank you for your help

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