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      what process used by gases to move in and out of alveoli??

      what are 3 accessory muscles we may recruit to increase ventilation beyong normal requirement?

      how does emotional stress affect depth of breathing?


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      1) you mean in and out of lungs or from alveoli into blood?

      3) how do you breath when you’re scared? Excited? Etc.

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      The human respiratory system is a series of organs responsible for taking in oxygen & expelling carbon dioxide. The primary organs of the respiratory system are lungs, which carry out this exchange of gases as we breathe. The cells of the human body require a constant stream of oxygen to stay alive. The respiratory system provides oxygen to the body’s cells while removing carbon dioxide, a waste product that can be lethal if allowed to accumulate. There are 3 major parts of the respiratory system: the airway, the lungs, & the muscles of respiration. The airway, which includes the nose, mouth, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi, and bronchioles, carries air between the lungs & the body’s exterior.


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