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      RNA comes in three types right? mRNA, rRNA, and tRNA…can someone explain the process of transcription? Or is it translation that RNA goes through?

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      I advise you to use the dictionary.

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      RNA goes through both of them. You need to check the tutorials, not the dictionary for this one

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      Dictionary can help with the terms. 🙂

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      Check under The Central Dogma – DNA make RNA (transcription) which then makes protein (translation).

      Transcription is different for prokaryotes and eukaryotes (though they do share some general features). The details are extensive: I would advise an introductory textbook if you’re new to the topic.

      There’s also small nuclear RNA (snRNA) and micro RNA.

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      i have finals too. ok heres the basic idea.

      1.) first theres transcription. proccess of DNA making mRNA in the nucleus
      the mRNA is then modified. some nucleotides are added to each end making a
      tail and a head A A A A {mRNA} G G G G
      tail head
      more modification is needed for the mRNA before it is released into the cytoplasm
      (the ouside of the DNA nucluolous where organelles like mitochondria are found)
      INTRONS are parts of the mRNA that is takin out because its uncodable (ex: A A A A
      most of the time repeating nucleotides).
      EXONS are parts of the mRNA that is kept.

      2.) now the mRNA is ready to be released into the cytoplasm for TRANSLATION
      translation- proccess that makes protein. (through the use of mRNA rRNA and tRNA)

      in the cytoplasm
      ribosomes (made up of rRNA), connects mRNA and tRNA together. Once all together
      protein is being made. the proccess is to complicated to explain, you have to see the

      hope this help good luck

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