RNA isolation from brain sections

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      I’m looking to isolate RNA from brain sections under two conditions. First are punches from fresh vibratome slices. I’ve been told that the time it takes to cut the sections and then punch them is too long for good RNA isolation. Is this true? Secondly, I’d like to take fresh frozen brains that are sectioned on a microtome (20 um to 200 um) and cut out particular brain regions to extract RNA. So, here are some questions:

      1) any suggested RNA isolation kits/protocols for brain
      2) suggestions for such small volumes of RNA
      3) viability of RNA sectioned in cold buffer on a vibratome

      Overall I’d love to get a nice protocol together that optimizes my RNA recovery for qPCR analysis. Any and all suggestions are welcomed. I’m somewhat of a newbie when it comes to RNA work.


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