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      In the replication process of DNA, how does an RNA Primer molecule know exactly where to go in order for the polymerase to attach to it?

      I’m trying to answer this question for one of my Biology exams and I am completely stumped, SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!! 😯

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      RNA primers are synthesized by PRIMOSOME, specifically, dnaG or primase enzyme… the RNA primer came from dnaG plus dna B interactions….so I guess your question should be put in another way… the RNA primer is the product, yet the PRIMOSOME is the one that decides where primers are synthesized..

      link for more info (copy and paste into your browser, I cant post links yet!) :


      so…how does PRIMOSOME knows where and when to synthesize the primers?

      it seems fr the abstract above (cant access full article), there are —replication factors— that determine RNA primer length and overall kinetics of primer synthesis… so the whole thing may have yet been completely discovered…possibly

      so, the current answer would be .. i guess.. the location of RNA primers is determined by primosome 🙂

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      RNA Primer – Short stretches of ribonucleotides (RNA substrates) found on the lagging strand during DNA replication. Helps initiate lagging strand replication and are later removed.
      Thank You
      Dip Jyoti Chakraborty


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      the RNA primer is not a molecule, it is formed by the primase on the strand. The primase enzyme attaches to a region of DNA that it recognises specifically(ori) and begins creating the primer.

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