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      Hi there! I have a SAC tomorrow on thermoregulation (the practical). Would anyone would be able to answer a few questions that I might think of in preparation for the written work that is to be done during class time (day after tomorrow)? For SACs we usually just get a series of questions instead of doing practical reports.
      Basically, the SAC will be on the effects of the human body to a range of different temperatures, with strong emphasis in the extremes. i.e. how the body responds to really cold and really hot environments.
      So far I’ve done a bit of researching and reading on the topic and found little things like: vasoconstriction or vasodilation of arterioles and capillaries.
      However, does anyone know if there is more that I can do? How can I prepare for this oncoming SAC? What sorts of questions should I expect in the SAC (question sheet)? We are usually allowed one sheet of A4 paper as a cheat sheet so it would not have questions as simple as, "…how does shivering generate heat? Explain".

      Anyway…feel free to ask me any questions on the topic as I need all the help I need!

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