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      I’m currently transferring to start/continue a bachelors in Biology (Pre-Medicine concentration) and I found through some of my classes I had a very similar pattern; If the class had dealt with Viruses, bacteria, fungus and other awesome little sickness causing SOB’s or if it worked closely with the nervous system and brain i always scored fairly high averaging about a 96 – 99% with exams and work on them but other areas i found kind of boring i scored very low around 84 – 91%. From this i kind of took a shot in the dark and looked around at possible employment and the most appetizing to me was Neuroscience particularly surgery or research, or Infectious diseases (maybe by my childhood fun with resident evil?) but something in engineering or perhaps a CDC lab rat position or practicing doctor. Any kind of help on your thoughts or something to maybe point me towards a light at the end of the tunnel that isn’t a train. thanks!

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