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      Hi all,

      I am not sure I am positing in the right thread.

      I have an idea for a new product I want to develop. The product (idea) is relating to a few spices plants that I want to make their life longer even after they were cut from the ground.
      I am looking for a private scientist or/and lab to help me develop this product from a to z

      It will be great if this person/lab is near NY

      Any recommendation

      Thanks a lot

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      Well, There are problems with this nothing can survive without Energy for too long and plants use photosynthesis which requires water and Carbon dioxide, there is no known way to keep something alive without energy, so a pro tip if you want to keep a plant alive without it being rooted in the ground is keep it well hydrated and in a well lit area with the type of color that its chloroplasts uses, but there is no way to keep them alive forever by this method unless you go hydroponic.

      Now, as I say that, there is some genetic engineering that could be done to make it store more energy and such as to not die as fast, but that will take some doing, I do have some ideas but I live in the state of Indiana. It depends how much money do you have to spend given enough, we could definitely do something completely unnatural to keep them alive for longer. *puts on his mad science glasses*, which means completely untested.

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