Seeking HELP on the ENVIRONMENTAL ROLE of a species

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      Hi all, This is my first time posting on a website like this, so my apologies if I’m going about this incorrectly. I’m writing a research paper on Gila monsters, for a biology class. I need to address this specific point * Describe the organisms role in the environment.* What I’ve learned is, it eats mostly bird eggs and carrion, but very infrequently. It’s in it’s burrow nearly all the time. 7% of it’s life is above ground, for mating, etc. They are very slow moving, and aren’t the predator or prey of anything. They seem like an animal unto itself, with its role being to simply exist. Does anyone have any ideas, or a different way to view the question, so I can address it and back it up with referenced proof?
      I have one additional issue. Does anyone know a website that would have a picture, drawing, or illustration of the internal organs (and they must be labeled), of either a Gila monster, or any other reptile at all would be great at this point. I have hundreds of pictures/drawings of this animal, but nothing that visually shows it’s internal organs. My remaining option, if no one has a good source for gruesome dissected animal photos, is to go and catch a live one and perform an autopsy on it. 😆 Thank you, to anyone who can help me. Marie

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