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      I am performing many biochemical tests for a morphological unknown. I am filling out the dichotomous key and would just like opinions as to if I am on the right track.


      So far, I have:

      Gram Negative Rods
      Motility negative
      MR-VP positive
      Citrate positive
      Indole Positive

      My choices are :
      C freundii
      E aerogenes
      S flexneri
      K pneumonia
      P vulgaris
      S enteriditis

      I am leaning towards E. aerogenes as it is fitting well with the above tests according to Bergey’s manual. Anything else I can perform?

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      I would suggest you repeat your tests. According to your results it’s not any of your choices.

      C freundii is out as it’s indole -ve.
      E aerogenes is out as it’s indole -ve.
      S flexneri is out as it’s VP -ve.
      K pneumonia is out as it’s MR -ve.
      P vulgaris is out as it’s citrate -ve.
      S enteriditis is out as it’s indole -ve.

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