sequence of steps for PCR, etc

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      What is the sequence of steps carried out for
      1. PCR
      2. cloning a gene
      3. DNA finger-printing
      4. taking out pure DNA from a cell
      Please reply. It is urgent.

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      1-see for example:
      2- look up for the rest by yourself
      3-come back with questions that show you have thought about your homework
      4-receive help

      Yes spoon feeding homework answers is not the site policy.

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      It’s urgent though. lol, better delegate it to the internets.

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      I think you are doing something right now, so it’s urgent to know the protocols for your experiments. am I right?

      You can find PCR and its related protocols over here

      There is another place you can find DNA, RNA, protein and their related, such as molecular cloning background and protocols.

      In addition, you can easy find some ebooks and handbooks at above links. Let me know if I can help further.

      Good luck.

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