Sf9 Expression Kit that makes Blue Plaques with X-gal

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      I am looking for a new Sf9/Bacculovirus Expression kit that makes blue plaques when you stain the Plaque Assay with X-gal.

      Currently I use Invitrogen’s Bac-N-Blue system, which is GREAT! But they are having a lot of manufacturing it and they might be discontinuing it in the near future, which would mean I will need to clone my DNA into an entirely new system, their kit utilizes a co-tansfection of their linear Bac-N-Blue DNA with the pBlueBac that my DNA is cloned into, without that linear Bac-N-Blue I cannot even transfect what I currently have.

      So I have been reading about the other options on the market from Invitrogen, BD/Pharmigen, Novagen, and Expression Systems. And none of these companies seem to offer kits with the very easy X-gal blue colonies that my lab enjoys so much.

      So does anyone know of any other companies to look into, or any kits that do have the X-gal?


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      Hola, BacNblue is the sole system wich gives blue recombinant plaques, but has the inconvenient that is incompatible with the rest whose have b-gal in the wild type virus so in a X-gal plating recombinant plaques will be white with a background less than 5% of non recombinant blue virus plates and have the advantage of all the suppliers are compatibles. If you are able to get good lisys platesthis conventional system will serves you too. Buena suerte

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      protold, did you even read the question? He asked for alternatives to Bac-N-Blue kit, not what does it do 🙄

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