Shipping of transformed E.coli

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      I just recieved some E.coli with transformed pet-plasmids. They were just sent in normal LB-medium and they have been in transit for about 6 days at room temp. Is that a good way to send them? Don’t you risk loosing the plasmid when they can just grow for so many days – especially when they are ampicillin resistant and the ampicillin is broken down?

      I hope someone can answer this! Thanks!


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      well did the LB include amp? of course it’s a really bad idea if there’s no amp in the medium, because there is no pressure for the cells to keep the plasmid.
      but i think you can just plate them on an LB+amp plate, pick colonies, do liquid cultures of say 10 colonies, miniprep the cultures and sequence the plasmids. at least some should have the right plasmid, even if there was a contaminant. Just make sure you have isolated individual colonies when you first plate them

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