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      I’m having trouble understanding the method of a certain experiment. It’s about measuring pressure in mesenteric (intestines) venous system. The substances involved are NOT relevant, just the procedure simplified. It goes as follows:

      "The vein draining one end of this arcade was carefully isolated by blunt dissection and ligated. The vein draining the other end of the arcade was isolated in a similar fashion and fitted with an appropriately sized vascular occluder. To measure pressure within the arcade, an upstream vein draining the proximal jejunal venous arcade was isolated by blunt dissection, and inserted with a PVC tubing. The PVC tubing and the tail of the vascular occluder were exteriorized through a small skin incision dorsal to the abdominal incision. The jejunum was replaced in the abdomen, and the abdominal incision was closed in multiple layers. "

      I would really appreciate any help! Thanks in advance!

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