Simultaneous activation of humoral and cell-mediated immunit

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      Hello to all, I’m new of the forum and I hope to post the topic in the right section.
      I am studying microbiology in a medicine course, and I previously studied immunology.
      I was thinking about the fact nearly all vaccinal preparations towards viruses aim to form antibodies directed against the antigens, and even that most blood tests to check previous contacts between a patient and a virus are based on virus specific Ig in patients’ serum.
      I am now wondering, referring to the fact a development of a th2 reaction excludes the happening of a th1 one, and to the evidence that cell mediated immunity is the elite system in order to fight intracellular pathogens, how can we explain the co-existence of high ig levels with cell mediated immunity?
      One of the answers I found myself is that a particular kind of Ig synthesis (g2) is boosted by a th1 micro-environment, so that the blood ig level is predicted to raise, but what about mucosal surfaces, in which the protective igs are A2 class, massively synthesized during a th2 reaction? The majority of viruses has mucosal trophism, what about cell mediated immunity there, if the first reaction is th2 type?
      Sorry for my English, and thanks to all for your answers! 💡 😀

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