Small worms on floor.

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      Please help with you advice: I recently pulled out the drawer from under my daughter’s crib. I have a towel in it for the cat to sleep (so he won’t climb into the crib). I lifted the towel and found numerous, small curling dark worms. They had migrated to a bag of cloth diapers next to the drawer. I’ve seen about 4-5 fleas in the house and the cat has been scratching. My son is being eaten alive each night. (another bedroom). My question is, are these flea larvae or some other parasite.

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      You should consult the doctor

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      Flea larvae are not black, and they’re not visible as worms – they are tiny light dots. Magnified, they look a bit like bristly maggots.

      Don’t know what you’ve got, but it’s not flea larvae.

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      I think its some maggot larvae. The cat would have brought some dead mice, lizard or something and left it there. I once found black small curved worms in my house, accompanied by a stench. Try to figure out whats causing the stench i stumbled upon the carcass of a lizard with the worms on it.

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