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      Im no math wiz,,, do know SOME things,,,,but im so frigen stumped i cant sleep…
      I started micro-propagation 4 weeks ago for a "thing to do" NOW,,I know that i can go buy some media mix,,,this is not what im looking for,,,OK On carrot medium mixes there is a lot of nitrongens..I think!!! I need/want to know a basic N/P/K reading like on a fertilizer packing slip…The mixes labeling is in mg/l….I just want a basic,,,,just within 75%,,,, N/P/K….or/and a ppm of one litre mix....PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE HELP 😕

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      so, what exactly do you want?

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      I think he’s after the fertilizer numbers N/P/K for his media. Usually these are given as percentage by mass, for instance a 20-10-5 fertilizer is 20% nitrogen, 10% phosphorous and 5% potassium. These are often used for inorganic fertilizers for which the calculation of masses is straightforward from the formulation of the compounds, though elemental analysis of a complex organic fertilizer mix also allows assigning fertilizer numbers. We’ve no idea what’s in the media mix — if it is a defined medium, then in principle the fertilizer numbers could be calculated without doing additional analytical chem. Is there no mass percentage of N, P and K on the packaging?

      On re-reading the original post I now suspect he’s like to avoid the preformulated media mix and perhaps make his own. That can be done, but it could be a tough project to match the media mix composition if you are not familiar with chemistry calculations.

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