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      Hello! I apologise in advance for this long post.

      So I am in a bit of a dilemma now. I’m currently taking two sciences, Biology and Chemistry, and in my school, students are offered the choice to drop one science in the year i’m going to next year. The problem is that i have already pretty much decided long ago that i would take biology and drop chemistry, but teachers in school have warned that biology does require some knowledge on chemistry or else it would be harder to grasp the concept in some topics. Given this case, i would not mind taking chemistry except for the fact that currently i’m not doing so well in it, to the point of almost failing, which means that i’ll have to worry about my chemistry marks pulling down my overall grade next year if i’m not dropping it. But of course it would be most ideal if i take both sciences next year, so the question is, should i or not drop chemistry next year? Would i be able to cope with biology without chemistry? Is there still hope for me if i take chemistry next year and have extra tuition?

      This is confusing i know, but please, if anyone has suggestions please help.

      THanks! 🙂

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      That depends on what you want to do. However, nowadays you need molecular biology basically in all biology fields. Chemistry is not IMHO neccesary to understand all the MolBio stuff, but it’s probably better to have some background so you know at least the basics. Moreover, if you’re good at biology and bad at chemistry, it would be better for you to take the chemistry and level your knowledge in both.
      However, you should consider the teachers and their knowledge and level to decide, because it can be easily wasted time.

      In conclusion, if possible I’d recommend to take both 🙂

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