Suggestions for particularly cool bacteria and fungi

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      I run a small magazine called Eye Ball ( and we’re hoping to produce a deck of cards with the four suits representing animals, plants, bacteria and fungi. Each card within those suits will be a particularly interesting species and a small book will be provided giving more information and explaining the choices.

      I have lots of ideas for the animal and plants but am coming up a bit short with the bacteria and fungi. I have quite a few ideas for species to include but I am not a microbiologist and I feel I am currently doing bacteria and fungi a disservice.

      So I wondered if I could ask for some ideas for species you find particularly interesting, exciting or just plain cool?

      Thank you,

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      Thats seems very good Job. If you could add yeast species in your magazine. That will be really helpful. Because i havn’t find the easy biochemical methods for detection of yeasts or about the different types of yeasts. On the other hand a lots of information about fungi and bacteria are already available in many books and sites.

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