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      Let’s cut straight to the chase.

      This year I am going to begin a BSc Hons in Microbiology. I have already been given a place at Westminster, but I would like to go to Surrey – and the good news is that they’ve given me an interview to prove my worth. To add a little bit to my interview, I have investigated the resistance of Escherichia coli to the commercial antibiotics chloramphenicol and penicillin G. I also tested garlic and grapefruit seeds (cut and grinded and then mixed with distilled water. 50 microlitres of the solutions were then added to the cultures). As expected, the chloramphenicol was the most successful, followed by the garlic, grapefruit seeds and lastly the penicillin which had no effect at all.

      The idea of using the ‘natural’ antibiotics was to investigate whether grapefruit and garlic may be good to include more heavily in the diet of a pregnant woman, to avoid neonatal meningitis in the baby. With homeopathy becoming more and more popular, with ‘natural remedies’ becoming very popular – much to my frustration – I figured this would be an interesting investigation.

      Here’s the problem. I’m not exactly sure how to write up the investigation. I’d written up the method and hypothesis before I did it, but I would like to add a lot more to the introduction, and possibly have a bit more background on E. coli, neonatal meningitis and also a good conclusion and solid evaluation. There is little information around that E. coli does cause meningitis, but I read it on Wiki… usually a more reliable source than people give it credit for.

      Does anybody have any knowledge on this and would be willing to suggest any sources for valuable information, things I may want to research, points I may want to include, and generally how to set out the write-up and how long it should be? It’s for an interview, so I don’t want to give them something the size of a doctoral thesis, but I don’t want to give them something small and unimpressive, either.

      All help is greatly appreciated,
      J Squirrell.

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      Go to:
      Type "escherichia neonatal meningitis" in the search field.
      Have fun reading what is available through your university or is free. You might want to restrict your search to reviews to start (on the right near the top)

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