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      i have a very rude and old teacher who is making us make a chart for sponge, hydra, jellyfish, sea anemones, Duguesia, Taenia saginata, Schistosoma, Ascaris, Squid, Nereis, Earthworms, Leeches, Crawfish, Grass hopper, and Frogs. We have to say if it has all of the systems and how each of the sytems for the specias work.

      if any one happends to know this information or can tell me where i can find it, i would be grately apreciative 😀

      thanks in advance

      lauren l.

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      wow…that’s quite long. most probably the info you’re looking for is in the net but it might take some time since they all belong to different phyla. have you tried using an invertebrate zoology book?
      Integrated Principles of Zoology by C.P. Hickman, Jr., L.S. Roberts, and A. Larson – gives you a general idea.
      Pechenik, Jan A. Biology of the Invertebrates. – more detailed and focuses more on taxomony.
      hope it helps 😉

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      Do you want to classify them to the system?

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      do any of yall know the endocrine sytems for the specias i listed (it is the last sytem i need to do)?

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