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      This website has thouroughly helped me out! I stumbled upon it through a google search and damn was I lucky that I did. My biology teacher assigned a review vocab term sheet with over 170 terms for us to define. She said we could use them on the final. Most of them I found in the dictionary section of this site, but some were not added.

      Here they are if anyone is interested in adding them:
      * carrying capacity
      e.g. the capitty of organisms that an ecosystem can sustain through food and water.
      * climax community
      * density indepentent factor
      note: density dependent factor is in the dictionary
      * energy pyramid
      e.g. a pyramid that shows the organism predator levels of an ecosystem. for instance: producer -> herbavor -> carnivore -> carnivore
      * food web
      note: food chain is in the dictionary. I’m not quite sure / can’t remember the difference between the two
      * habitat degradation
      * habitat fragmentation
      * j-curve
      e.g. a graph demonstation of a perfect ecosystem where the population ocntinues to rise.
      * ozone
      note: oddly, ozone layer is not in the dictionary
      * s-curve
      e.g. a realistic ecosystem, where it grows and then falls when the carrying capacity is reached.
      * sustainable use
      * calvin cycle independent reaction
      note: the other stages of the calvin cycle are present in the dictionary
      * lactic acid fermentation
      * archaebacteria
      * camouflage
      * directional evolution
      * distruptive evolution
      note: convergent evolution is in the dictionary
      * geographic isolation
      * homologous structure
      * KPCOFGS
      note: i have no recolection of what this even remotely is.
      * reproductive isolation
      * stabalizing selection
      * vestigial structure
      * chemical digestion
      * mechanical digestion
      * peristalsis contractions
      * binary fission
      * chemosynthesis
      * lysogenic cycle
      * obligate anaerobe
      note: oblical aerobe is in the dictionary
      * fat soluble vitamin
      * water soluble vitamin
      note: vitamin is in the dictionary
      * negative feedback system
      pituitary gland:
      * 1. anterior lobe
      * 2. posterior lobe
      note: pituitary gland is in the dictionary
      * target tissues
      * Koch’s postulates
      t cell:
      * 1. helper t cell
      note: t-cell and cytotoxic t cell are in the dictionary
      * somatic nervous system
      note: parasympathetic, peripheral, and sympathetic nervous system are in the dictionary

      I hope this helps!


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      In a few days(maybe weeks but we hope not) the dictonary will be free, anyone will be able to edit it

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      Ah, like Wikipedia?

      That’d be cool.

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      Almost 😀

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      Not really like wikipedia. It is a much bigger site than biology-online, they have things from all domains. But we have a forum 😀

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      I’m curious as to which definitions we can use without infringing on copywrite laws and stuff

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      Is it wise to allow everyone to edit it? I feel some will take advantage of this and enter misleading information

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      quote b_d_41501:

      Is it wise to allow everyone to edit it? I feel some will take advantage of this and enter misleading information

      Any information should be read/checked by the admin and moderators before being posted on the website. Unless something is common knowledge then any information you put into the dictionary should have a reference. if possible.

      I think its a great idea. Look at how popular Wikipedia is.

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      Excellent idea, as long as it is not misused

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      Don’t forget lector…

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      Wikipedia also has dedicated software to check for changes, we shall see what admin has planned soon 🙂

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      Yeah, Wik. is a very popular site. I’m all for it on here as long as it can be edited well. Maybe a small group of users (like 10-15) can be set aside as a council type of thing and be responsible for checking all submitted words. Just an idea.

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      male gametophite is made of what?

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      what is male gametophite?

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      male gametophite is the male sperm cell in plant kingdom

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