tertiary structure of protien

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      first of all i would like to apologize if this is the incorrect place for this post
      second of all this is a great website you rock

      my question is regarding the tertiary structure of a protien i dont understand exaxtly what its composed of, im studying from the campbel reece book and i find the details a bit confusing.
      what exactly are the components of the tertiary structure if im not mistaken i beileve it has one polypeptide chain and an alpha helix but does it or does it not contain a pleated sheet structure??? ❓ ❓ ❓
      thnx in advance

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      The tertiary structure is 3D structure of one polypeptide chain. Whether it has helix or sheet, that depends on the concrete protein 😉 But most of them have a little of both 😉

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      Perhaps one way to explain this is that a Tertiary structure arises/occurs when two or more secondary structures (helix or sheet) are present in one polypeptide chain.

      Jay Dela Cruz, Ph.D.


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