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      imran sajid

      i m trying through kerby buyer and E test methodology i didnot pointed u people for stupid answering rather some other members gave rediculous answers u might have seen those answers so this sentence was for them. ur sugestions r welcomed kindly give more informations about these tests or others if u know. thanks imran

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      First as a moderator I strongly advise you to reply in the same thread/ topic (use the post reply at the bottom of the screen when you are in the topic)> This made the thread easier to follow for everyone.

      E-test are plastics strips loaded with a gradient of antibiotic. They allow a simple determination of the MIC of some commercially available antibiotics. More on the manufacturer website:

      Kirby Baueer is also known as the disk diffusion method. Many manufacturer are producing disks with known antibiotic concentration. Results interpretation has to be done following guidelines provided either by the NCCLS
      or the SFM (French Society for Microbiology)

      But as far as I understand you are trying to look for novel antimicrobial compounds, then you can apply the Kirby bauer method to disks loaded with solutions of your choice (solution of a molecule, culture supernatant, etc…). With adequate controls this could help you define if your solution has antimicrobila activity. Later on it would be better to further assay with more tedious, but more precise methods to go on in your quest.

      Good luck


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      Patrick pretty much covered all the bases. Good luck with your studies!! 😀

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