The Abundancy of Cells in each Stage of Mitosis

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      I was given a mulitple choice, but for this one I am unsure.

      Q. If one were looking at a large number of mitotic cells in embryonic tissue, one might expect to find cells of the four principal stages in the following order, from most abundant to least abundan:

      a)anaphase, prophase, telophase, metaphase.
      b) prophase, telophase, metaphase, anaphase.
      c) telophase, metaphase, prophase, anaphase.
      d) prophase, anaphase, telophase, metaphase.

      I read my textbook but that didn’t help me determine, so I did some online research and came upon: … st_time_in

      I then decided that whatever the % of cell in the cell stages must correspond to the amount of cells in that cycle. So, from accending to decending % I used that to decide the abundancy. Hence the higher the % the higher the amount of cells.

      So, the closest matching answer I thought was:

      b) prophase (14%) , telophase (3%) , metaphase (4%), anaphase (0.8%).

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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      found data on this site- it corresponds more closely with option d.

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      Nope both sites agree. And option b seems to be correct.

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      Thanks guys. =D

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