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      Ok, so i have a few questions regarding the brain. If you have any idea for any of the questions, please feel free to comment. Thank you all in advance, and I’m sorry for the huge list of questions.

      1) What changes (both immediate and long term) happen in the brain when memories are formed?

      2) the large size of the cerebrum distinguishes humans from other animals. Which parts of the cerebrum gives humans the unique quality of judging the present and anticipating the future?

      3) How has information about the functions of the brain been acquired?

      4) How do ordinary painkillers and general anesthetics work to kill pain? (does this have to do with the reticular formation?)

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      1] i’m also curius , but have heard that the information is continuously being cycled bet. nerves and thus is stored. But what the ‘info’ means here , nerve impulse ? ? ?
      I don’t know…

      2]Probably association area.

      3] It was possible only due to this brain itself !!!
      Using redioactive markers and seeing oxygen consumption or blood sulpply-amount
      using MRI Positron-emmision tomography etc.

      4] I’m also curious.They may resemble the action of natural painkillers [ of our body] eg. opiates by our body or may have different mechanism.


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