The design of being!!!

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      My biology teacher has been tryin to get the better of me for some time now, ever since i started the course and started questioning almost everything that wasnt explained fully. So now, the question he’s asked me is to find out Who Invented The Design Of Being and he said it is more of a philosopher than a scientist. Also, i think its has something to do with Darwins Origin of the species or some of Lamark’s work on the same subject! But I would be really pleased if anyone could help me out with this! Thank you!


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      im not sure but its my guess the inventor is old

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      The great chain of being?? is that what you are looking for?

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      The Great Chain Of Being…I forgot the name of theguy behind that. But I can tell you that I love the story 😉 I read it in Human Evolution by Roger Lewin 8)

      I was browsing and found this:

      Arthur O. Lovejoy (1873-1962)
      German-born American philosopher who taught at Johns Hopkins. Founder of the Journal of the History of Ideas, he is best known for books like The Revolt Against Dualism (1930) and The Great Chain of Being (1936)… I am not sure… 🙄

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