The great basic question of science on origin of life

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      All of biology is created from two types of 4 types of chemical combinations that have been subject to radiation in the form of 232 types of particles.

      The Last Universal Common Ancestor was not one type but 3 early eukaryotes and the first archaea. Eukaryotes and prokaryotes emerged independently from different types of 4 types of chemical combinations. The three early eukaryotes preceded the first archaea and it preceded bacteria.

      This information is derived from the Paradigm of Types in Cosmology and Biology which represents through an arrangement of the numbers of types everything that exists within the Universe across cosmology and biology.

      The paradigm also indicates that although the completely sequence genome of life of Earth has 191 types across the three domains, there are 211 types across the three domains in the Universe. The additional 20 exist on one other type of planet.

      The paradigm is introduced as the second section of an essay called “Waves at The Cave and the true nature of the Universe.” The essay is located at

      The paradigm of types constitutes the ultimate paradigm shift revolution in science.

      Welcome to the revolution.

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