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      It is known that immunoprecipitation is a method to test target protein or antigen in solution. This method has been used in the research of protein, gene and other biological areas. It has a important place in biological experiments. Every method to immunoprecipitation has its certain operation process, but most of them are based on the specificity between antibody and antigen. The normal way to use the covalently bound Protein A , the agarose or magnetic microspheres of protein G to purify the compound of antigens and antibody. Thus protein A and protein G can bind with the conserved region of antibodies to form a steady compound of antigens and antibodies which is attached to magnetic microspheres. When the unrelated substance in solution is removed by washing magnetic microspheres, antigens or molecules bound with antigens can be purified. When do this experiment, some important factors need to be taken into account.

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