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      Nadas Moksha

      any take on metabolic system and plasmoids
      from the crude perspective of it being the field around all electronic devices….

      plasmoids seem to possess the basic characteristics of a living system [33].The plasma in question is dark plasma. BE condensates of ions defining dark plasmas represent more advanced life forms of this kind. Dark plasmaoscillations define ideal representations for field patterns inducing ionic (say Ca++) waves (by many-sheeted Faraday’s law) in turn inducing generalized motor activities.The possibility of charged entanglement induced by W MEs and gen-erating Bose-Einstein condensates of exotic ions brings in a genuinely newelement to the model of plasmoids discussed earlier as predecessors of bio-logical life . The notion has been already applied in the model of nerve pulse. One can speak about non-Abelian holograms at the level of darkmatter with W bosons taking key role in the realization of motor actionsand neutral bosons playing similar role in the realization or sensory and memory representations. Plasmoids as rotating magnetic systems If plasmoids rotate they generate em charge by the effect effect known al-ready by Faraday but not explained satisfactorily by Maxwell’s electrody-namics. In TGD framework vacuum charge density induces radial electricfield inducing radial Ohmic current which is not divergenceless and hencecharges the rotating magnet. Cell, DNA, and other sub-systems in livingmatter are usually negatively charged and the underlying reason could be the presence of rotating plasmoids around which biochemical life forms have evolved.


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