The relationship between cellular respiration, muscle contra

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      I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, but here I go.
      I just need a little input to put me in the right direction, I am at a stand still. Please help! 😕

      Maybe someone can help me solve this case study.
      Has anyone had to do the one titled: A Rigorous Investigation: The Relationship Between Cellular Respiration, Muscle Contraction, and Rigor Mortis?

      The first part can be found at: … _notes.asp

      The second part is attached.

      I have to solve the murders, but I am totally lost.
      Can someone please help me?
      Or maybe just push me in the right direction, science is not my thing.
      The only thing that I know for sure is that it has something to do with the smell of Amaretto Sour.

      Sorry about the pour quality of writting I have been studying all day I am starting to get a little headachy.

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      there is no attched file. you did not attach it properly.

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      Ah so it is not only me who can’t find the second part 8)

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