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      What are the two stages to photosynthesis called? what stage is the stage where photolysis happens?

      I’m doing a project on photosynthesis and my teacher told the class one day that is was very interesting, but i dont remember what it is.

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      light dependent and light independent reactions.

      Light dependent is when chemical energy is created, this is fueled by the photons emitted by the sun. Example ATP is formed.

      Light independent reactions: when the chemical energy is used to create carbohydrates to "feed" the plant. No light is needed for this stage.

      In regards to photolysis look up light dependent stage (google image it), you should find a neat and comprehensible diagram that will make you understand this material a bit better.

      If you are still having troubles, message back and I will go in a bit more in depth about this subject.

      But as of now, I just gave you the basics – you can do the rest.

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      Thanks!! that was a big help!

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