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      I need thioredoxin from plant or cyanobacteria for an enzyme assay. Does anybody work with such TRX? Where did you get it from? I only found TRX from E. coli…

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      Find some article about characterization of such protein and try to contact author. Maybe will s/he send you vector in some bacteria

      (What are you about to do? )

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      for an enzyme assay? your best bet is probably to do what hjackbean suggested. then clone the gene into a plasmid with some sort of purification tag (His Tag, or even better Tap tag), and then purify it careful so your protein doesn’t denature in the process.

      As for getting it, there are a probably a million papers dealing with thioredoxin, so finding someone to give you some DNA won’t be such a big deal. If you prefer, you can also get it from addgene – bacterial as well as human variants of the gene are available. … pl&x=0&y=0

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