Too old for good job opportunities in research areas?

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      Hi all,

      I am 31 years old and currently completing a Masters program in Neuroscience. Before I started my studies, I worked several years in a different field (IT Consulting, Webdesign, Computer stuff, etc…). Well, the company I worked for became bankrupt which I used as an opportunity to realign my career.

      Right now I got some doubts about my age. I will receive my Masters degree with 32 and would like to enter a phD program, so overall I would be 35-36 when I will receive my phD. I would like to work in research, so I guess I would have opportunities to get more expertise and practical training in post doc positions, but I am asking myself what I could do afterwards. I guess my chances to enter private research companies are not that good due to the age I will have. Maybe I’ll have some advantages because I speak three languages. I have to say that I am german and used to live awhile in Spain, where I actually want to live in future. Well, spanish people don’t speak english, at least most of them, even in academic jobs.

      Anyway, I’d like to know your opinion about my case. Maybe there are some ppl here which have made some experiences regarding to age and career opportunities in this field.

      Thx a lot, greetings…

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      I don!t think you should concern much about your age. especially as you are not that much older. So, if will you have enough experiences and will be good, you should find some job as easily as others.

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      Age has nothing to do with research. As long as you have skills and are well versed in your area of expertise, you will be greatly appreciated.

      My concern would be focused on what my area of expertise. Is that where the money is flowing into these days? How many labs are doing what I want to do? Maybe I should focus more on this aspect of the area I want to go into in order to get a job?

      But don’t get to off your focus. You sound like you have a solid direction you want to move into. I would think that you would be trying to find your vocation at this point in your life, and not just a job (though money is a good cause and effect excuse for a job at any age).

      I live in the States, and many people here are going back to college/university to switch careers in order to get a job (mainly in the medical field here in Michigan).

Viewing 2 reply threads
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