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      Hey everyone
      i was wondering …an important issue for those studying biology and thinking of going into a scientific career is choosing one!! maybe having a topic that is devoted to careers and paths where those with queries about where they are going *ahem* (im sure im not the only one though) or what is available can be discussed with those who are wiser and have experience?? where we can discuss concerns and other such issues? where else to discuss such things than people who have been there and done that. i mean going to your lecturers or professors is fine but they are SO biased haha . here we can have a healthy blend of opinions and ideas!! which is what is great about this site anyway !!

      just a suggestion

      Have a great day 🙂

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      i totally agree….
      i am at the turning point of my life according to some of my teachers 😆
      so any advice on courses that would be better for a basic bio degree r welcome!!!

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      I agree… that is a really good idea!

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      What about a topic for those of us who wanted to go into biology and got sidetracked?

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      I had this decision to make about this time last year and I finally picked a degree in Microbiology. I have no completed the first year which is more general biology stuff that totally focused on microbiology. Alot of biological science courses in the first year are similar so you maybe able to change course if you decide u would be more interested in something else. I have looked at my subjects next year and frankly I can’t wait. For anyone who wants to know the following subjects subjects/modules below are what I had to do in the first year for Microbiolog Honours Degree.

      Cells and Biolmolecules I
      Cells and Biolmolecules II
      Human Biology (Anatomy and Physiology)
      Chemistry (Included Organic, Physical and Introductory)
      The Gene
      Mathematics (Primarily statistics work)

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      Usually counselors are better…there have been threads in the past about jobs/occupational outlooks etc but they’ve not been very popular in terms of replies.

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      Just make sure you check everything out. Subject matter, job possibilities, day to day tasks you would do at each type of job. Make sure what u wanna do before u pick something or at least pick something u are interested in.

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