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      I have been reading about a new model for human consciousness, called the Penrose Hameroff Orchestrated Objective Reduction Model (Orch OR). It sees the brain as a quantum computer. The brain is not supposed to work like a laptop (algorithmic) but as a non-algorithmic device.

      This is possibly the best theory around today to explain consciousness.

      The model states that organelles in the neurones called microtubules (like hollow drainpipes) in the parts of the neurones called dendrites are resposible for the final output from a brain; where reasoning and other thinking activities are common enough to give us consciousness.

      However, I don’t quite understand how Frohlich coherence and water behave to help consciousness.

      If you can understand the Physics and/or the article please post your views so that we can come to a joint understanding about it. You don’t have to be a genius; all you need is an enquiring mind.

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