Unconventional descriptive report of the COVID19 & proposed solutions

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      Description at the nanobiochemical scale =
      * Formula of the chemical mass integrated in the viral Core = [(59Co3, O4) 36+ (C2, H5, N) 32+ (C10, H15, N2, O8, P) 30].
      * Genomic formula of the initial recombinant virus = [ (GAG POL ENV REV NEF VIF VPR VPX) 9kb + (PDB S1 ~ S2-E-M-N TMPRSS2) 20 kb + (PB1) 0.9kb].
      * Biological and physicochemical properties: 1- The chemical mass inside the viral core represents a structure composed of multifunctional magnetic nanoparticles in rectangular form.
      2-The chemical structure of the nanometric mass inside the viral core is undetectable by medical electron microscopy but detectable by medical scanner in the form of opaque crystals.
      3- Self-multiplication and natural diffusion of the nanometric chemical mass of the viral core in the target cells, causing permanent mutations of the surface glycoproteic spikes whatever the hybrid mutation of the virus.
      4- Displacement of the nanometric chemical mass following the resonances of ultrasound caused by various remote sources far from the viral antity (True vector of displacement of the virus in the air by magnetic effect, compared to the displacement of viruses via the microdroplets ).
      5 – Increased capacity of viral multiplication in embryonic environments of human or animal origin (essential biological amplifier for the rapid diffusion of the viral mass).
      6-The internal chemical nanoparticles (metallic part) of the viral core are at the origin of hemorrhages or micro-injuries and microtromboses of red-bluish colors in the various blood vessels including the brain. 7-Corona viruses communicate with each other thanks to chemical-magnetic nanoparticles in the viral core and go on the attack if the complementary immune system (C1-INH inhibitors) exceeds 0.5g / liter in plasma.
      8- The viral mass goes into a state of temporary hibernation if the intrinsic and / or extrinsic temperature is lower than -16 ° C but its structure is destroyed if the viral mass is exposed to a temperature higher than + 90 ° C. Furthermore, viral multiplication is neutralized if there is no ultrasound or an intermediate booster host (living embryonic mass) or if the level of the C1-INH inhibitor is less than 0.5 g / liter in plasma.
      9-The biological and physicochemical structure of the virus shows that it is not of natural terrestrial origin, but rather synthetic and rocombinant. The genomic structure and the physicochemical behavior of the whole virus also shows that it is not the result of a short-term artificial manufacturing in a biotechnology laboratory, but rather it demonstrates a complex synthetic form of extraterrestrial origin probably originating from a comet (Meteorite debris rich in fragments of toxic amino acids) from of the solar system.
      The first generation of COVID19, which includes Biometalic nanoparticles from extraterrestrial meteorites, are starting to disappear; only the other successive generations of the virus remain which are less pathogenic and which are normal viruses lacking biometric plaques in the middle of the viral core.
      10-The new mutant generations of the initial virus are able to affect all human beings of all ages, and the most serious is their new powers to penetrate the living cells of all terrestrial animals and all plants belonging to the terrestrial vegetable kingdom also, even in the absence of external cellular protein receptors of the “ACE2” type.
      The interaction of mutant strains of COVID19 with other living animal or plant cells is likely to trigger a new global epidemic in the near future called: “Epidemic Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome : AIDS”.
      So in literature, molecules known as “female contraceptives”, actively participates in neutralizing the excretion of C1-INH inhibitors in hepatic cells, these are two coupled hormonal molecules: ETHINYLESTRADIOL (0.03 mg) + DROSPIRENONE (3 mg) strength per film-coated tablet.
      The modulation of the adequate dosages and the duration of the treatment necessary for a correct preventive or curative impact depends on the sex, age and body weight of the individuals. Finally, the use of molecules of chloroquine, Azythromycin, cloves, Bromelina, bicarbonate of soda, vitamin “C”, …… or other substances only decreases the load viral and does not suppress viral masses in a state of hibernation identical to that of the herpes virus.
      In conclusion, the only effective treatment is the third generation female contraceptives applicable for both sexes from the age of 6 years and over.
      ** PS= Suggestion of an effective medical product ANTI – COVID19 whatever the mutant viral strain: Contraseptive for third generation women (Yasmin) DN , with properties :
      C1-INH inhibitor suppressor + Alpha, Beta, Gamma type interferon activator + Diuretic by suppression of pulmonary, hepatic and renal edemas caused by the pathogenic effect of the virus.

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