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      I’m having issues identifying a particular non-human bone element. The bone itself possesses several distinguishable characteristics. The only issue is I have no clue what it’s function is. I have looked around and found that it may represent a tarsal or carpal, but again, I can’t be sure about that. The element is small (as demonstrated in photos) and unusual in shape. There are three possible articular facets present, a judgement based entirely on my perception. There are some porous canals, which to me, resemble the morphology of the human inner auditory meatus. The opposite side of the bone, which is on the posterior of the bone (for purposes of identifying, it is not to suggest an orientation), is very smooth. The sharp point that appears on one end is simply a result of post-mortem breakage and could represent a large feature that has been lost.

      This remain in particular was found in Colorado. Where in Colorado, I can’t rightly say. Perhaps the location itself will narrow down possible suspects?

      Any and all help given would be extremely appreciated! Thank you for your time!


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      Looks a bit arthritiky to me. Especially if you think it’s a knuckle bone! Your ear bone guess seems better- from a whale. Testing specific gravity might help.

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