Wanted: a molecular biologist/biochemist/cell bio penpal

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      My favourite lecturer has just been sacked.
      I’m now studying first year biochemistry at a UK university, and need intellectual inspiration.
      Does anyone share the same predicament?

      Is there a molecular biologist here, preferrably graduate student, 2nd or 3rd year, who is willing to have intellecual discussions?

      By the way I suck at molecular cell biology because it is too rote and mugging. I would like to be interested in it but don’t know how to.

      OK I know this sounds crazy but my books don’t make sense to me because I’m bored. Sad really. I used to really enjoy studying this stuff before I entered uni.

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      You can always discuss here 😉

      But I know your feelings. In the first year, when I had to study inorganic chemistry and similar stuff, I loved to read the biochemistry books, but later, when I had to learn that for exam, I was bored by that as well.

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