We are programmed entity

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      We are a very complicated programmed entity with a free will and self decision making.
      Our brain is the cenrtal processor and our input devices are as follow

      1- touching device : that is responsible to send the signal to the brain and each signal is programmed
      to produce a different feelings,if the signal were sent from an extremely hot element,then our brain
      will send the feeling of pain and the strength of pain is in direct relationship with the signal strength,
      but the feeling of pain will come to an end if the touching device were damaged from that extremely
      hot element,so heat and the pain feeling are in direct relationship as long as the touching device is active.

      2- Watching device : We can understand the programmed action of the watching device is by the feeling
      of attraction to the female for her body figure,and this programmed feeling can be noticed if an attractive
      fake dummy showing the attraction figure of a woman will let men attracted to look at her as long as they
      do not know that it was just a dummy,and even some anomalous will keep looking affected by the programmed
      feeling toward the opposite sex resulted from the signal sent to the brain and a man looking for a loin running towards him,will not resulted in a feeling of demand for the opposite sex,but the feeling of fear and the demand
      to run,also our minds are able to define new watching signals with a different feelings,to make it simpler,
      watching a man coming towards you will not produce any strange feelings ,but if in a case that a man holding
      a gun coming towards you then a feeling of fear will be produced because your brain have already added such signal as dangerous,in other words your brain have defined the gun as dangerous similar to the lion so you
      have the free will whether to run or to fight.

      3- Tasting device : the signal is sent to the brain,which will produce different feeling of taste for
      each substance,for example,an orange juice with one spoon sugar will send a signal of sweetness
      different than the similar juice with 10 spoons of sugar,so our brain will produce the feeling of
      taste according to the signal recieved,so it is our free will then to continue drinking the juice
      even it is feeled so sweety or not,similar thing to the salty substance,our brain will produce
      that feeling of taste according to the signal recieved and it is our free will and decision
      making to accept the taste or not,and every person had a different feeling of taste than
      the others,some will have the feeling of sweet with less amount of sugar whereas some
      need more sugar to have the similar feeling of sweet,so dont surprise that some drink
      a very sweety drink whereas you can not,because he have the similar feeling of taste
      but with more sugar needed but for you it will taste like hell if you tried to drink it.

      Similar thing also to the hearing and smelling devices which is an input signal to the brain
      which will produce a different feeling for each signal and it is our free will and decision
      making to react according to our feelings.

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      What exactly is your point?

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      in brief words,
      our feelings and sensations are well programmed with the input devices (ear,nose,eye,skin,tongue),
      and both (the feelings and sensation) are kind of illusions needed for reproduction and protection.

      one example i made is the feeling and the attraction for the female from the sight of her figure,
      so the feeling is programmed with the scene.

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      Most definitely! To use your example, males who have a lesser feeling of attraction for the female will leave fewer children (because they won’t be as interested), so over time the population changes as a result – and the change will continue until the conditions change or the costs of further changes outweigh the benefits. Of course, since we’re intelligent, we can usually try and override any feeling if we don’t think it’s in our best interests. 🙂

      This is why we often speak about "genetic programs" in science – the growth from an embryo to an adult is another really good example.

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      From the eggs have been developed to the fetus, the whole stages of the fetus is not let us simply is a pile of organization just, although they in the appearance… From a fertilized egg to baby, that adults is the development of the present and, progressive, although each stage on the physiology vary,… Another abortion procedure called D&e "expansion and absorb" (dilation and evacuation). … Modern science may be placed in the womb lens to envision the inside

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