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      hey I am having problems with weight loss
      i’ve lost about 15 kilos. Im 163cm and 65kg
      I exercise ALOT, I eat healthy about 4 small meals a day which is cereal in the morning then just fruit and vegies all day.
      In the last few months the weight has stopped coming off.
      I play soccer and regulary and at the gym about 4 times a week, then 2 training sessions on top of that and a 90min game on sundays.
      I admit i have 1 cheat day where I eat what I feel like eating, and that usually results in me being bloated, feeling sick and i end up feeling really gassy and tired, but i really only binge on healthy food any way.
      my problem area is my stomach nothing is moving from it i got muscle definition under it but the fat still jiggles there some1 help me!!!!

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      It is normal to stop losing weight after 15 kilos. Your body shows some kind of resistance. You should be patient then you will start to lose weight slowly again.
      163cm and 65 kg sounds normal, maybe you can slow down for some time-means try to stay at the same weight rahter than forcing your body to lose- then start again.

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      yeh but i seem to be stacking it all back on especially my stomach,
      but im still exercising alot and eating well i’ve put 3 kilos on in 1 week.

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      You lost 15 kilos in what time duration? In a short time? If yes, it looks like your body shows a natural resistance for losing weight. It’s like your body thinks it will get harmed if it does not store.
      It will be OK if you give some time,I think.

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      Do not forget that exercising also makes you gain muscles, which are denser than fat, then you may actually losse fat and yet gain weight.
      This why weight alone is not a good indicator of the effect of loss of fat. As for your stomach still being bloated I have no clue. If it is a real problem, the best is to pay a visit to a health professional.

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      wats the right weight for someone whose height is 167cm?

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      Since I eat more of my daily calorific intake in bacon and candy I feel I can’t comment hear but I think cardiovascular workout are best for burning fat off. Muscle definition exercises don’t help that I think. I wouldn’t recommend not eating to lose weight but if u eat less than the recommended calorific intake you will lose weight. If you burn more energy than you take in you will burn fat stores. Simple mathematics. Just have to be patient I guess. I am about 250 pounds so you are lucky lol. I need to start exercising :-S

      I just can’t imagine running unless i’m being chased lol.

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      Doctor G

      Rather than tracking total body weight, it may be better to track body fat percentage instead as that reflects fat loss as opposed to fat and muscle loss. As noted, muscle is denser so if you’re putting on muscle is unlikely that you’ll see dramatic changes on the scale. Body fat percentage and/or just tracking the way your clothes fit are better ways to monitor changes during weight loss, provided that fat loss is the aim. Having said that, not all types of exercise result in more muscle. Without proper nutrition, cardiovascular exercise alone may indeed result in loss of muscle protein too, even though the overall result is ‘weight loss’, total weight that is.

      Another important factor is the nutritional composition, which may or not hamper the body’s efforts to utilize fat instead of carbohydrate for energy production. That, however, may be a completely different discussion. My point is that the idea that calories are equal regardless of their procedence is just incompatible with the way the body handles foods and their caloric contribution.

      One efficient way of increasing fat utilization is actually having ‘energy starving muscles’, which contrary to what is said, don’t only use glucose to produce their energy. Thus, muscle workout also known as ‘resistance training’ does a lot more for fat burning and fat loss than just cardiovascular exercise. The reason is that the effects of muscle workout still take place long after the exercise session is over. That doesn’t happen with cardiovascular exercise alone.

      Caloric reduction per se, even though ‘sounds’ logic may not be the answer to lose weight unless the procedence of calories is considered. In other words, an XXX amount of calories coming from say a protein-rich meal doesn’t affect the body in the same way as the same amount of calories coming from a fat-rich or a carbohydrate-rich meal. The dynamic action of proteins is higher than that of fat or carbohydrate and it has been shown repeatedly that there is an increase in both thermogenesis and satiety when the nutritional composition favors a protein-rich diet. In terms of weight loss, increase thermogenesis means an increase in metabolic rate and an increase in satiety (which also tends to last longer after protein-rich meals) means that you don’t eat between meals, which also results in controlling food intake. Overall, there is a reduction in calories but contrary to the prescribed reduction of ‘total’ calories by reducing the total amount of food, the reduction happens due to increase satiety without the common symptoms of low-calorie diets; hunger and sense of deprivation which in the end affect compliance.

      For somebody that exercises regularly, an adequate protein intake is a must to spare muscles from being used to produce energy and to provide more raw material for more muscle building.

      I usually counsel and offer discussion on these matters and I’ll be glad to share studies on the subject should anybody feels interested in reviewing that information.

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      its sound good that you lost 15 kilos,and you maintain your exercise and balanced diet.that’s great. but your problem is your stomach, but do not give up, weight loss program requires patience so continue your weight loss program.its sure , you will get your goal

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      1. Loosing weight is not a big deal now days, you don’t need to worry about it. As everything has a solution. My brother was facing the same problem then his friend suggested him to try Mark Patrick’s program. The programs are just incredible and a new way to get better health. I hope that you would love to know about this.

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      My favorite spamster strikes again. Thanks for dredging up this 2 yr. old thread.

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      I do the same with you and i lose about 1 kg each month.If you go gym about 5 times a week maybe will help to lose more weight.

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      After years of trying to lose weight with diets I just about gave it up and figured I was going to be fat forever. Then I found an online weight loss program at … that helped me keep track of the changes I started making in my life. I stopped eating all the crap and made healthier choices. I was more conscious of what I was putting in my mouth. Doing this with exercise 3-4x/wk I lost 25lbs in 3 months! I’ve never felt better!

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      Raw cabbage removes the fat from the mid-section.

      Raw, fresh apples, 3 a day, removes fat from the blood. (pectin in the apples does this.) Don’t bother with supplements.

      Google search: fat busting foods.

      I found that when I put some freshly made coleslaw without any dressings and a full apple on my plate, in all my 3 daily meals, incl. protein, that by the end of a couple of weeks, I noticed huge differences in my tummy fat.

      If I cheated with pizza, banana split, cake, the apple and coleslaw (no dressing) would be there also, a bite of each. Believe it or not, I lost weight & tummy fat & overall body fat. Sounds gross to mix the junk food this way, but it worked for me. I satisfied my cheat need and also gave my body what it needed to get the fat out. It worked for me & a few of my friends that I got to do this.

      A favourite site of mine is: Earth Clinic.com
      They really love Apple Cider Vinegar over there…..but it has to be organic and with the mother sold in a glass bottle. ACV does not agree with my IBS problems. But others I personally know have been using it with results.
      Usually, it is best taken in the morning, on an empty stomach, 1 tbsp into a glass of warm not hot water. You don’t want to kill the good bacteria with the water being to warm.

      Good luck

      p.s. Pls don’t do this past one mth as the raw cabbage, will leach iodine from your thyroids. You can resume after you give yourself a break.
      Apples on the other hand are perfectly safe.

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      So to say exact- eat all the food raw! 🙂

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      yeah, that won’t help you…

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      “Success is not something that simply happens – success is learned, success is trained.”
      —George Halas

      “The difference between the one you are and the one you want to be is what you are doing.”

      “Success is not something that simply happens – success is learned, success is trained.”
      —George Halas

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      Thanks for this. I’ve been following a personal workout and diet regime and am halfway through. Will surely add this routine.

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